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Application Book of Changes I Ching Description 


Main screen

1) The button starts the procedure of interactive fortune telling (receiving six features of the hexagram)
2) Hexagram constructor (used for self-fortune telling) and a hexagram table
3) Theoretical articles and studies of the Book of Changes I Ching by various authors. Articles contain explanations of many aspects and nuances of the Book and are strongly recommended at least for familiarization.
4) History of the results of your fortune-telling, equipped with dates and (optional) your notes
5) Short help on the current screen
6) Application settings screen
7) Links to related Internet resources
8) List of achievements and application statistics


Fortune telling screen

Use the on-screen prompts for divination. You have to toss coins six times to get six features of the hexagram.

You will quickly get used to it and soon you will not need tips.


Hexagram text screen

1) The image, number and name of the hexagram that fell to you. In the case of classical fortune telling, most likely on the page two hexagrams will be shown sequentially for the current state and the possible development of the situation.
2) The name of the hexagram written in hieroglyphs
3) The text of the aphorisms of the hexagram, comments and interpretations (depending on the settings you selected)
4) Button to add (or edit) your comment. You can add a note right after fortunetelling, or later by opening a hexagram from the history of results.
5) Short help on the current screen
6) Application settings screen. All settings are applied dynamically. Having already received the result, you can change the composition of the displayed interpretations.


Application settings

1) Simplified fortune-telling check box. If selected, "aging" lines will not be calculated in hexagrams, only one hexagram will be obtained in the results. Recommended for beginners.
2) Selection of text interpretations displayed on the screen. The easiest to understand is the Hayslip interpretation. The most difficult is the canonical text.
3) Font size and images on the interpretation screen
4) This checkbox disables drawing the background image on the fortune-telling screen. Allows you to slightly increase the value of the number of frames per second on older devices.

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