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Great quotes with meaning, aphorisms and winged expressions on your widget: Application Description


Application main screen

1) The text of the current aphorism
2) The "Share" button allows you to send aphorism to social networks or other applications in the form of text or a picture previously created using the built-in image editor
3) "Favorites". Quotes and aphorisms in favorites are available as a separate list in the "aphorism lists"
4) Allows you to remove the display of the selected aphorism in the widget (if you did not like it with something), or include it in the sequence of quotes of the widget back (if you change your mind)
5) "Random aphorism" button. Based on the position of the stars, the current time, and a number of other factors, it selects a random aphorism (quote) and shows it to you.
6) List of achievements
7) Lists of aphorisms by volume. Favorite aphorisms and the history of the quotes shown on the widget are also here.
8) Manage downloaded volumes of aphorisms and access to new ones
9) Application Settings


Additional home screen buttons

9) Send the current quote to the widget screen
10) Translate aphorism into the default language of your device (appears if you downloaded volumes of aphorisms in languages other than the language of your device)


Aphorism Volume Management

All quotation volumes available to the application are presented here.
1) A checkbox allowing to display quotes available for downloading in languages ​​other than the application language
2) Buttons that allow you to control the visibility and download volumes of aphorisms
3) An icon indicating that the volume has been downloaded and will be displayed in the widget. Click to turn off display
4) An icon indicating that the volume has been downloaded but is not displayed in the widget. Click to enable display
5) Volume of aphorisms available for download. Click to download.
6) Volume of aphorisms is not available for download in the current version of the application. Do not click


Application settings

1) Button for generating a new sequence of aphorisms, based on the key line you entered
2) Buttons for controlling the frequency of changing quotes on the widget screen
3) Application text size
4) Application widget settings buttons

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