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Customizable screen widget of your device with the best quotes and winged expressions of great philosophers, writers, politicians for your motivation and self-development.

Features of the The Quote of this Day app

Desktop widget

Home screen widget with automatically (scheduled)
replaceable quotes and aphorisms

Unique sequence

Aphorisms appear on the screen in a random but individual order, which is generated based on the key phrase you entered. Enter, for example, your date of birth and a random quote may be considered fortunetelling for you on this day


Built-in translator

Translate quotes from any language to yours in one click using the built-in translator. Useful if you use volumes of aphorisms in various languages

Share quotes in one click

Publication of a favorite aphorism in one click to any application or social network in the form of text or (using the built-in editor) as a motivator picture

Great motivational qoutes with meaning, aphorisms and idioms on your widget with "Quote of this Day" app

The application allows you to view (although unsystematic absorption of information was not the purpose of this application) quotes and aphorisms both as a general list and in sections according to the volumes of aphorisms, publish the selected idiom, set the randomly selected inspirational quote as the quote of the day on the widget. The sequence of aphorisms displayed on the widget is generated based on the key phrase you entered (name of a loved one, significant date, lucky number, etc.) and is individual for you. A sufficiently low frequency of changing aphorisms should enable you to try to understand what has been said, try to apply to the current situation, become your motto of the day (although it can be increased in the settings of the "Quote of this Day" application)

Aphorisms volumes already available in the application

  • BASIC VOLUME: the best quotes of the greatest philosophers and writers about life, about love. The choice of seekers of thought for statuses with meaning.
  • SUN TZU. The art of war (foundational quotes from the book)
  • DEUTSCHE SPRICHWÖRTER: German proverbs and sayings (German)
  • PROVÉRBIOS PORTUGUESES: proverbs and sayings in Portuguese 

Preparing for release:

  • TO LOVERS: the best idioms and quotes about love
  •  THE MEANING OF LIFE: aphorisms and quotes about the meaning of life, the search for meaning
  •  HOT QUOTES: harsh irony, sarcastic and even cynical statements about life

Use the application, choose your quote for this day and maybe the day will be better, ways to solve problems - more understandable, life - easier.

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